Types of TV Cable Splitters

Cable Splitter : 2-Way Splitter, 4-Way Splitter, Coaxial CableTV Cable splitter is a device that mainly designed for sharing a single line of your cable source into multiple digital equipments in which they support such as another set of television, HDTV, digital Audio-Video player and recorder, High-Speed Internet and Digital Voice services.

There are variable types of Cable splitters which have different functions. The common type of cable splitter is a small piece of device with one coaxial cable input on one side and two coaxial cable outputs on the other side. The single input is used to connect with incoming signal source, which usually is one line cable attached to wall outlet, then send the signal to 2 separate sets of TV or other digital components. If you are concerned with high quality RF signal then you have to look for the quality cable splitters.

Cable TV Splitters : 1GHz (5-1000MHz) cable splitters support Cable TV services including digital cable, HDTV, high-speed internet and digital voice. Regal splitters feature low insertion loss and low inter modulation distortion figures that are critical in demanding broadband networks. Some new model offer advanced board construction which can be minimal insertion loss, maximize signal integrity and picture quality. Ideal for indoor applications.

Cable Splitters With All Ports on One Side, some have 3 or more outputs, feature an ergonomic design that enables quick and easy installation into network interface enclosures.  Since all ports are located on the bottom of the splitter, cables run straight out of the box eliminating bend radius issues. Regal topless cable splitters fit into most NIDs designed for broadband access.

Amplified cable splitters are used to compensate for weak signal strength in a broadband network. A weak signal can be caused by splitting the signal too many outputs or by long cable runs. Replacing a standard 1GHz cable splitter with a 1GHz amplified cable splitter can boost signal strength and improve broadband network performance.

2.4 GHz (5-2400MHz) satellite TV splitters feature low insertion loss and high frequency capability. The Regal satellite TV splitter is ideal for indoor applications as well as outdoor applications where extreme weather conditions are a factor. A 2.4GHz cable splitter is used to support digital satellite TV services.

Buy a high quality cable splitter and also coaxial cable with standard qualified to get a good result signal for your television and other digital devices.

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