RCA ANT3036WR Most Durable Outdoor Antenna

The worst thing that could happen to your television signal is when the repairman will tell you that the type of building structure that you have is the one causing bad reception and you could not even get a clear connection to any channel using your outdoor antenna. However, if you have the RCA ANT3036WR installed in your homes, you no longer have to be affected by these types of signal issues.

Having the right frequency for your home entertainment sets such as HD and DTV can be challenging so you have to be sure that you check all the features of your antenna before actually paying for the product. Surely, you do not want to be paying for a very expensive device that cannot even solve your signal problems. The RCA ANT3036WR outdoor antenna has been built using quality and strong materials so you are assured that it can work extremely well with any type of building structure.

RCA ANT3036WR Outdoor Antenna

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ANT3036WR RCA Technical Details :

  • Designed for challenging reception conditions with tough materials and superior construction
  • Local HD and DTV or analog broadcasts reception and supports 1080 resolution
  • Effective up to 35 mile radius of broadcast signal
  • Easily installs outdoors or in attic with snap lock elements and fold out assembly
  • Includes mounting hardware and 75 ohm transformer

The RCA Antenna is also compatible with analog equipments and is considered favorable for areas that are located within the 35-mile distance from the broadcasting tower. Most antennas being sold in the market has a limited range of resolution that it provides to users but with the RCA ANT3036WR, you can get as much as 1080 display resolution on your HD television sets. This is even better than having a cable connection, which has to be paid on a monthly basis.

When shopping for the type of antenna that would be best for your location, consider reading various RCA ANT3036WR reviews independently written by customers who had a first-hand experience with the product you are trying to purchase. The reviews are helpful just in case you are having some doubts as to the applicability of the antenna and other relevant details. There is no question that you really need a quality device that could give you ample signal but you have to take note of your reception environment before buying.

Corollary to this, you have to find an antenna, which you can install without difficulty. The easy install feature in every RCA outdoor antenna is very helpful especially if the homeowner is not a technical person and is merely relying on the box and instruction guidelines, which were shipped together with the product. You can fix your RCA ANT3036WR antenna anywhere in your outdoor area like the roof or the attic. Anyways, you do not have to worry about extreme weather conditions because this product can definitely stand still.

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