Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 Bi-Directional RF Amplifier Buyer Review

Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 is a bi-directional RF amplifier that improves signal up to 32x (15 dB), improving both analog and digital picture quality as well as modem connection. The Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 also allows you to optimize several home devices such as TVs, cable modems, VCRs, set-top boxes, and digital radios using one convenient cable. It also supports pay per view and video on demand services.

Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00

Buy Now Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00

In terms of appearance, the unit is built using quality materials, featuring Gallium Arsenide technology which improves distortion and noise performance, with diplex filters allowing for two-way operation. The tough aluminium die-cast housing protects the BDA 100, utilizes Motorola P-Series Auto-Seize F-Connector, and is -6 kV surge resistant. The weather seal and protective coating ensures protection from the elements, allowing both indoor and outdoor use.

This amplifier is easy to install as it’s required no tools.  All connection just screws right in. This enable both local and remote powering

The Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 received  many positive reviews. One user was delighted with the improvement in both analog and digital pictures which were mostly grainy, as well as elimination of screen downtime. Another user however, warned that the unit will not increase the cable modem speed but will boost signal by +15 dB if installed correctly. Cable reception for multiple TVs will also improve and make up for losses created by splitters. One user pointed out that the unit is definitely durable, with its -6 kV surge resistant design meeting the 6kV IEEE C62.41-1991 and 1 kV Combination Wave surge for all ports, and compared to other products, provides a slightly broader bandwidth of 52 – 1000 MHz while operating at a lower DC voltage (12V). Another reviewer noticed that his television picked up more channels while improving the ones with poor pictures.

One reviewer said his signal at home was about 22 – 45% weak until he installed the Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00. Despite small glitches from time to time that seemed to be weather dependent, this user was very satisfied with Motorola’s performance.

On the downside, some users who tested the product said they did not notice any improvement. One user was initially satisfied with the booster’s performance until it broke down after an electrical storm. Another installation did not improve the deteriorating quality of his TV’s signal so he bought another brand.

Overall, the Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 may not work for some, but its promise of tried and tested performance should merit it a try. Who knows, the little unit might exceed your expectations.

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