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CHANNEL VISION C-0332 1 in 16 Out Amplified Rf Splitter Review

Channel Vision C-0332 Rf Amplifier

Need more output cable TV lines for every single TV at your home or office, here is your solution.  With this Channel Vision's C-0332 Rf Splitter Amplifier, you can share one cable line to every television up to 16 sets in your place. This item is a housed signal amplifier with two splitters all in ...

Cable Signal Amplifier 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier Review

Buy Now Cable Signal Bi-Directional Amplifier VC-9U

The 8-Port bi-directional cable TV splitter and signal booster/amplifier by PCT features active return, zero signal loss and VoIP telephone bypass. The cable signal amplifier is also compatible with standard and digital cable TV services as well as the “Triple Play” phone service”.  This PCT VC-9U is a true lossless splitter as each port possesses ...